As a result of Covid-19 the aae2020 conference has been cancelled. In lieue, a special edition of the Charrette journal on the conference theme ‘Nurturing Architecture’ will be produced.

See https://architecturaleducators.org/aae-journal/ for more details

Refunds will be given to anyone who has already paid for their tickets. Please contact the organisers for further information.

The sixth international peer reviewed conference of the Association of Architectural Educators will be hosted by the Bristol School of Architecture, University of the West of England.

Confirmed Keynotes

  • Jane Hall ASSEMBLE Architecture Studio
  • Rachel Sara (Professor of Architecture, Birmingham City University)
  • Rosie Parnell (Professor of Architecture & Pedagogy, Newcastle University)
  • Chris Smith (Professor of Architectural Theory, Sydney School of Architecture)

Please view the programme page for the full schedule of papers, debates and lectures. Evening tickets for the debates + keynote lectures will be available shortly.

The conference aims to invite contributions from educators, researchers and architectural practitioners on the conference theme: Nurturing Architecture: Practice, Architecture Education and Wellbeing. [See conference ‘Aims’ for more a detailed overview’]

The ‘nurturing of architecture’ opens the debate to the role of the profession in developing, improving, updating, protecting and caring for the discipline of architecture. Recent debates around an expanding field of architectural expression introduce disciplines such as landscape, fashion, fine arts, dance, theatre, music, philosophy, robotics and artificial intelligence, urban futures and gamification among others to the architecture arena. The emergence of these innovative interdisciplinary approaches is changing the existing landscape of the architectural profession. The nurturing of architecture (as a profession, as an industry and as a pedagogical context) requires support, consensus and collaboration as well as critique and dissensus in order to remain relevant to contemporary challenge. The conference will be a place to reflect on these issues and to share knowledge of current and past radical or alternative models, and to speculate on future forms of architectural education.

Email enquiries to AAE.2020@uwe.ac.uk

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