About the AAE

The theme supports each of the 4 key aims of the AAE:

Aim 1: To develop, support and represent communities of practice and learning in architectural education in the U.K. and Ireland.

The conference addresses important issues that are already being investigated within the educational context of UK and Ireland. The concepts of nurturing and wellbeing are broad terms that capture many related concerns of sustainability, philosophy, health, environmental, cultural, behaviours and the humanities. The theme cross-cuts both practice and educational contexts in a number of ways and is a rich topic that requires urgent exploration.

Aim 2: To foster inclusive dialogues between the AAE community, students and employers, and educational and professional bodies.

The proposed theme is particularly relevant to aim 2, as the issues of nurturing and wellbeing necessarily requires a multi-agency approach that is predicated on inclusiveness. Wellbeing affects all of society, and that includes students and staff at University, employers and employees as well as broader society; as the built environment influences so many aspects of health and wellbeing and has the capacity to enable more nurturing environments.

Aim 3: To encourage research and scholarship of teaching and learning in architectural education through critical and reflective discourse.

The proposed theme requires the architectural education sector to critically reflect on its role in relation to wellbeing. With the rapid rise of health problems amongst not only students but staff too, there is an urgency to address this important issue. The conference themes encourage participation from educators but also from studio-based practitioners and researchers. The concepts of nurturing and wellbeing require an interdisciplinary approach, this should encourage practitioners from other professions and disciplines to engage and participate in this conference.

Aim 4: To promote the value, richness, quality, and diversity inherent in architectural education.

The conference particularly celebrates diversity as this is a central component of its themes. Architectural education often addresses the conference themes in a number of ways; by placing the human at the centre of concerns it enable a complex richness of issues to be explored, going far beyond technical issues.

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